About me | Product Manager and UX Designer | Irina Ovary
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Nice to meet you!

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Product Manager | UX Designer

My name is Irina (but you can call me Iri), a consumer goods Product Manager turned into Digital Product Manager and UX Designer. I have a background in Marketing (Trade Marketing and Product Manager) and, driven by my curiosity, I did a UX/UI Design Bootcamp to get a deeper understanding about user experience applied to the digital field. 


It is all about placing people first, or don’t we create for them? If we develop things that people need, we will reach them. On the other hand, adding value to our products, we add value to the company.


As a Product Manager, I already understood the user centered approach, but the bootcamp gave me the tools and the process to understand better the digital field and gain knowledge about agile methodologies.


On top of all my professional background and studies, I enjoy spending my free time traveling (the world is so big!), going to the movies or to the theatre, and trying to help the planet searching for vegan and cruelty free products (among other things).

Design Thinking Tools


Blue Print

Competitive analysis

Market analysis


Lean Survey Canvas

Surveys and Interviews

Usability Testing

Metrics (KPI, OKR)


Lean UX Canvas

User Persona

Empathy Map

User Journey

Affinity Diagram

Problem Statement



Mind Map

Prioritize (e.g. Moscow)

User Stories

Value Proposition


Paper and pen

Card Sorting


User Flow




Brand Attributes


Atomic Design / UI Kit

Design System

Prototype Tools

Testing, always testing!

More about me? Spy me on LinkedIn or download my CV