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My proyects
Portfolio, UX/UI Design, UX Designer, Product Designer, Product Manager
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I find myself more comfortable in the UX field driven by my consumer goods background. I am used to do research, find the problem and ideate different solutions.


Regarding UI Design, I can tell that previously I was the one commenting and giving advices or recommendations about designs from the outside (from the customer perspective), and funny story, now I am the one designing (always based in the customer needs and insights).


YoLocal is a marketplace, where merchants and entrepreneurs can offer their products and offers, and consumers can find shops around their neighborhood and help their local community.


Circus is an App, not only for the ones who practice or train a circus activity, but also for the those who enjoy attending to circus performances, and wants to know if there is a show in their location.

Beyond Eating

Beyond Eating is an App that was born from the need of specific diets (diet meaning eating plan), based not only in exercise and food preferences, but also in medical advices and nutritional deficits.

ABC e-grocery

ABC is a leading regional supermarket. Its e-grocery website is dedicated to deliver to the customer fresh food (vegetables, fruits and meat) at their convenience and preferences.

Other case studies

More case studies and tests that I have done (most of them, redesigns of real webs or apps).