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UX/UI Designer (Group Project)


4 weeks (march-april 2019)


Irina Ovary Dalmau

Juan Santibáñez

Georgiana Phua



ABC is a leading regional supermarket focused on offering high-quality products and a personalized shopping experience.


The Company’s vision is to design a user experience that goes above and beyond the e-commerce marketplace models that Amazon and other competitors (like Walmart) are offering.


Our e-grocery platform needs to translate the store experience in some way. The basic e-commerce needs to be there, but the CEO is looking for one additional feature that will give them a competitive edge in the space.

Findings, the problem and the solution

ABC - Findings

How did we investigate?

We launched a survey targeting people around 25 to 40 years. We got 50 answers.

On the other hand, we also did some interviews and online research.

What did we find out?

People are used to buy online, but mainly electric devices, music, books and clothes. They don’t really trust in buying groceries, as they already had a bad experience or don’t trust they are gonna get the products as if they were picking them up themselves.

ABC - Problem
ABC - Solution

How our e-groceries will solve this problem?

ABC will offer a Personal Shopper (for an extra fee). It will be responsible for all the user’s shopping experience. The customer might have some special request about fruits, vegetables or meet cuts, and the personal shopper will fill those expectations.

User Persona

ABC Pilar - User Persona

Who is our main user?

Our user is Pilar. She is a mother of two, that is used to buying online clothes and toys for her kids. She really likes to compare before buying, and online she can find multiple options.

Also she and her husband cook together at night, and they make the shopping list while they are running out of stock. They go to the supermarket at least 1 per month.


ABC - Mid - Home
ABC - Mid - Fruits
ABC - Mid - Mango

Style Guide

ABC - Colors
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ABC - Logo
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UI Elements

ABC - Button
ABC - Header & Footer
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ABC e-groceries

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