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UX/UI Designer (Individual Project)


2 weeks (april 2019)


Irina Ovary Dalmau



The National Wellness Institute is an organization founded in 1977 with the mission of “providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth.


They are very excited to explore how they can leverage technology to help people live a healthier life.


The institute defines wellness as an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.


You will be required to conduct user research to understand people’s relationship with mental, physical, and emotional well-being in order to develop a tool that will drive them to action.

Investigate, the problem, the solution

How did I investigate?


I launched a survey among people between 20 and 60 years. I got 50 answers in 1 day.


On the other hand, I also did some interviews and also online research, as the there are a lot of studies regarding nutrition.

BE - Quotes
BE - Findings

What did I find out?


Some of my findings were a little sour… As in my online research I read that 1 out of 5 deaths are caused due to a poor nutrition. But, the good news is that people are taking care more and more about their health every day.

BE - Problem

How “Beyond Eating” will help people?


Beyond Eating is an App where the user not only can personalize their diet plan by setting some preferences, but also will take into account the user’s latest blood test to recommend and add missing nutrients into the diet.

BE - Solution

User Persona

Who is my main user?


My user is Lucia, she eats healthy, makes exercise and knows her body and her symptoms.


Once per year she takes a blood test as she thinks that prevention is a synonym of being healthy.


She is also vegetarian, and she’s usually informed about the latest trends and superfood.

BE - User Persona Lucia

User Stories



    • As a woman taking care of my health, I want be sure I am following the right diet, so that I can enjoy my life.
    • As an Italian woman living in Madrid, I want to find an App where I can have all my blood test history, so that I control all the data from one place.
    • As a person who follows a healthy vegetarian diet, I want to know that I cover all the nutrients and vitamins daily, so that I can feel safe and sound.


When I was Sketching in pen and paper “Beyond Eating”, I discovered I wanted to create a monster. After all my research and benchmarking analyzing the competitors, I found a gap in the market, and wanted to add value by including the nutritional factor though blood tests and doctor’s visits. I had created a monster.


After some testing with users with that sketch, I decided to include the nutritional factor, but not as the main function of “Beyond Eating”.


Then, I started Sketching Wireframes in Mid-Fidelity to apply and push the insights and feedback a little further.

BE - Mid - Home
BE - Mid - Question 1
BE - Mid - Question 7
BE - Mid - My Plan
BE - Mid - Progress

Style Guide

In the meantime, I started defining the brand attributes: inspiring, friendly, healthy and safe.


With those attributes in mind, I had choosen Colors, Typography styles, images, photography and much more to create the bases of “Beyond Eating” Brand Style.


I wanted to get away a little bit from the green color that some competitors have, that is more related with vegetables, fruits and bio products. Further more, as the added value of “Beyond Eating” is the medical side (more associated with light blue colors), I decided to use a light blue palette (that express calm, pureness and health).


Regarding the photography, I wanted fotos that inspire peace, people enjoying and no stereotypes.

BE - Colors
BE - Typography
BE - Logo
BE - Photos

UI Elements

BE - TabBar
BE - Buttons
BE - Cards


BE - Home
BE - Question 1
BE - Question 7
BE - Plan
BE - Progress

Beyond Eating – Part I, setting your preferences

Some feedback was that the Onboarding was too long, and they will appreciate less friction to get going. I need to think a way to motivate the user somehow.


The idea of the onboarding was to understand the needs, deficiencies and likes or dislikes the user has. Without those, it was difficult to set a proper nutritional diet (I have benchmarked many other nutritional apps and all of them have at least 4 questions). As a user, you can also skip those questions and answer them later, but you wouldn’t get the proper diet for your needs.


Still, I need to find a way to motivate the user to answer the onboarding questions.

Beyond Eating – Part II, the plan

Next Steps

What can I add later to this MVP?


I thought about adding a Premium section where the user can chat with a specialist, and even get an appointment and save it into the agenda.


Also, I wanted to connect the app with a wearable watch, to track and add data to the app, to improve the diet plan for the user’s better performance.

BE - Next Steps
Beyond Eating Logo