Circus Project (UX/UI Design) | Irina Ovary Dalmau
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UX/UI Designer (Individual Project)


2 weeks (may 2019)


Irina Ovary Dalmau

Case study:

Click here

The circus community


As an amateur aerialist (I practice aerial silks and straps), I it is hard for me to see the circus community unattended. In some cities is not easy to find a place to train or find information about shows (except when it comes the arrival of Cirque Du Soleil). There are a lots of small companies and professionals which are amazing, but, how do we find them? How can we see them in action? And BTW, yes, we are against traditional circus with animals.

Investigate to find the problem, and ideate a solution

How did I investigate?


I launched a survey mainly targeting circus people, but I also wanted to see what non circus people think. I’ve got 80 answers.


On the other hand, I did some interviews: athletes, professors and school owners.

Circus - Findings

What did I find out?


Despite there is a lot of circus audience, not all the circus shows have all their tickets sold out, but this is mainly because we don’t have information about those shows, or we don’t know where to find this information.


On the other hand, for the people who practice a circus activity, it’s not easy to find where to train, which are the services and material of each site, the prices, the training hours or even which activities they have.

Circus - Problems

How “Circus” will solve this problems?


Circus will be an informative App, where the user can find circus shows on their location, and will also have an option to “subscribe” to notifications, so they can receive a message every time their favorite circus is performing or will be near them.


Regarding the training sites or schools, Circus will have listed all those sites ordered by distance (or other criteria chosen by the user), where they will see, not only the regular information about the site, but also their activities, hours and prices, to choose the one that suits them best. Also they can mark them as favorites, to save them in their profile.

Circus - Solutions

Would you like to read the UX process I followed? Click here ­čśë

Design Thinking Process

My Circus Persona

Who is my main user?


My user’s name is Tania, she takes classes 2 or 3 times a week, and she is so fanatic, that when she’s on holidays, she searches for some place to train.


Not fully satisfied with this, she also see all the cirque shows she can, and feels very disappointed when she’s not informed about some performance or show, and looses the opportunity to see it.

Circus - User Persona

Their circus stories


My main Circus User Persona.

Circus User Stories - Tania


Donet is my professional Circus User Persona.

Circus User Stories - Donet


My 3rd User Persona, not related with the circus community.

Circus User Stories - Lucrecia

Exploring different ideas

The first approach to Circus App was to draw some sketches in paper. I have the honor to be part of a circus community, and I had lot of opportunities to test and iterate my prototype.


I did some Card Sorting, draw a Crazy 8 and tested some User Flows.

Circus Card Sorting
Circus - Crazy 8
Circus Low-Fi Iteration

What did I learn?


Almost all the Card Sorting tested users chose 4 labels for the Tab Bar: Home, Shows, Schools and User. All the other options were placed into those labels.


The Crazy 8 gave me some hints about the “must haves” of the App, and how could I begin designing it.


Regarding the User Flow, I found out that the first thing the users did when I ask them to look for some specific school or show, was to interact with the search bar (so, the search bar is an important element into the interface). If they only wanted to see what they have near them, they will look into different Tabs and navigate in the App to find something interesting.

Circus - Mid - Onboarding Location
Circus - Mid - Home
Circus - Mid - Shows
Circus - Mid - Sites
Circus - Mid - School

Turning ideas into reality

Circus is about fun, amusement and breathtaking numbers. Most Circus shows are performed at night, below a tent (or in parks). If I ask you to tell me 3 colors related with circus, what would you say? Users said yellow, red and black.


What I want Circus to communicate is Magic, Emotion, Imagination, Friendship, Trust and Responsibility. 


The tone of voice is bold, friendly and trustworthy.

Circus - Colors
Circus - Typography
Circus - Logo
Circus - Photos

Inspired in circus elements

Circus - Tabbar
Circus - Buttons
Circus - Cards

Finally, the product was tested!

The most difficult part designing the High Fidelity Prototype were the cards, I think I have done at least 10 till I found something useful and good-looking.


Also, it is difficult to work with a black background due to the contrast of the pictures and the text. But every time I tested it with my beloved circus community, they said:

“I don’t have many Apps in my phone, bit this is one I would definitely have!”

Circus - Mockup Location
Circus - Mockup Home
Circus - Mockup Shows
Circus - Mockup Sites
Circus - Mockup School

Circus – Part I, the shows

Circus – Part II, the schools

Baby steps

This doesn’t end here…


As we know the circus community is unattended, and I want it to growth reaching its potential, I have some next septs for the app, to growth together with the community.


I want to add a professional platform (such as LinkedIn for circus professionals, schools,  shows, producers and venues) to connect all the community, and expand the opportunities for all.


On the other hand, I will create a profile for the schools and teachers to load and personalize their own profiles.

Circus - Next Steps
Circus Logo